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Meet Daikin's Line of          Roof Top Solutions:


Energy Savings

Daikin Rebel, the only roof top unit to meet new energy savings guidelines of the Federal Department of Energy will generate extraordinary savings for your energy budget.     Video


Schools Save Big Energy Bucks

Small School District in Ohio Saves Big on Energy      Read 

Incredible Return on Investment in Two Years      Read  



Our Partners

Mason & Barry is proud to partner with the industry leaders in HVAC equipment to deliver top quality, efficent systems for your organzation.Click on the logos below to visit our partner's website. Get a full list of our partners.


Packaged Rooftop Units

 Daikin's Rebel is the
most Eenergy Efficient
RTU on the market
today with as little as a two year ROI. Learn how you can dramatically impact
your energy bills.



In many commercial situations, housing the outdoor HVAC
units on rooftops is practical. Mason & Barry represents some
of the leading manufacturers of rooftop units. Our staff can custom-fit a solution to meet your needs, as well as your space.

Packaged Rooftop Units are designed to operate in the year round elements without losing efficiency or performance.
They are built in a self-contained system that fits well on most roof environments. Currently, the Daikin Rebel is the only RTU to provide sufficient energy savings to meet the new federal energy guidelines.  Rebel’s use of variable speed inverter compressors and other leading technologies provides unmatched energy savings and lowest cost-of-ownership for commercial building (retail, schools, office) owners.  Its return on investment (ROI) can be as low as an incredible 2 years.

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                                               DAIKIN'S "REBEL" ROOF TOP UNIT