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Energy Savings with a "Smart Building" System

  Monitor energy usage easily with a customized Building Management System from Mason & Barry.

One of the most important attractions for a Building Management System (BMS) is reduced energy costs. Energy efficiency is the focus of most budget conscience businesses today and a fully integrated BMS can maximize energy savings, while improving building operations. 

By consistently monitoring such factors as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide, a BMS maintains a comfortable environment for your facility's occupants, while allowing the equipment to operate at an optimal level. Your system can be programmed to your exact specifications, allowing for operating hours, activities and other preferences, including:

  • Scheduled-based heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting control
  • Occupancy-based environmental controls
  • Night setback, Night ventilation purge
  • Optimal start/stop
  • Heating/cooling equipment lockout
  • Outside air reduction
  • Economizer control
  • Electrical demand limiting
  • Domestic hot water control
  • Permission-based overrides

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