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Customized Solutions

  A variety of functions can be controlled with one computer monitor. This touchscreen shows hot water usage for an educational facility in Cabell County.

The systems controlled by a Building Managment System (BMS), or a "Smart Building," are as diverse as the facilities involved. Mason & Barry works directly with our customers to determine the specific needs for each facility and develop a cost effective, customized system specifically for your needs.

When issues arise, each system can be automatically programmed to either automatically adjust the appropriate settings to correct the problem, or issue a warning via cell phone, alarm or other avenue.

Below are some of the more commonly included features.

  • Environmental/HVAC Control                             
  • Schedule-based Lighting Control
  • Energy Usage/Operations Costs Reduction      
  • Building Access Control
  • Visitor Control/Drivers License Scan                               
  • Fire Alarm System Monitoring
  • Fire Suppression System Monitoring                                 
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply Monitoring (UPS)
  • Water Usage                                                        
  • Elevator Control
  • Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Monitoring                    
  • Multiple First-Responder Notification Methods
  • Emergency Evacuations/Mass Notifications      
  • Multi-Building Control
  • Preventive Maintenance Program                        
  • Monitoring Increased Equipment Lifecycles
  • Flexibility to Initiate Future Energy Savings

Contact Mason & Barry for more information on a cost effective system developed specifically for your facility.