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"Visitor Center" Training Slides

Mason & Barry’s “Visitor Center” combines the latest available technologies to help you protect your facilities, its occupants and your investments by placing at your fingertips the most thorough visitor screening system available. 

We are pleased to provide the slides developed by Mason & Barry to help train individuals who daily monitor the center.  Please feel free to download them for your own training session or use them to prepare for an upcoming training session.

If you are interested in the M&B ‘Visitor Center” please feel free to browse the slides to review its operation and the services it can provide to better secure your facilities and protect your occupants. 

If you would like a no-obligation estimate to screen visitors to your facilities before they enter the building, please request a consultation or give us a call at 304.755.0781.

Modules Overview

Intercom System

License Scanner

Access Card Reader

Security System


Download entire slide presentation. (Adobe pdf format)