Air Distribution Equipment

Mason & Barry works with industry leaders to deliver the best possible air distribution for your facility. We combine:

Price grilles, registers, diffusers and fan-powered terminal units;

Greenheck fans, blowers, make-up air units, energy recovery ventilators, louvers and dampers, and

We also offer pool dehumidification and specialty heat recovery units.

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A Mason & Barry technician beside two large ventilation fans

Emergency pressurization fans installed on a high-rise building in Charleston, WV

Displacement Ventilation

Displacement ventilation can be an important component for a commercial HVAC solutions. This system works well with other heating and cooling systems by spreading cool air throughout the floor level and rises as the air warms. This type of system is a smart solution in areas where additional heat is generated by computers, lights, crowds, or other equipment.

Displacement ventilation systems maximize naturally occurring airflow to provide an energy efficient system that also greatly improves the air quality.

Chilled Beam Equipment

Chilled beam technology is used for cooling and ventilating spaces where indoor environmental control and individual temperature control is important (such as hospital rooms). These beams use water to remove heat from an enclosed area, typically where humidity can be controlled.

Chilled beams provide excellent temperature control, energy efficiency, simple operation and minimum maintenance.

An operational chilled beam system operating in a Charleston, WV, hospital room

Chilled beam technology is often used in medical environments, including Charleston Area Medical Center.

Our Partners

Mason & Barry partners with many of the top names in the air handling industry.

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