Whether maintaining a comfortable environment for your employees and guests or maintaining a critical environment for your equipment or processes, the correct, HVAC equipment is essential in your commercial building. Mason & Barry carries a full line of chillers and air handling equipment that will keep your building comfortable even on the hottest summer day. All of our systems are customized to your location and specifications. Our staff works with you to select the equipment to provide the best value and results. Contact us today and see how we can improve the sustainability and the comfort levels in your facility.

A close view of an air chiller

Mason & Barry installed chillers to better serve patients and staff at St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington, WV.


In a commercial setting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) remove moisture from the air in order to cool the building. A well-designed system will keep the building’s occupants comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.

Chillers provide an efficient way to accomplish this goal while increasing performance and sustainability. Chillers remove heat from the air using a liquid or vapor system, keeping the facility at a constant temperature. Chillers have become an essential HVAC component of a wide variety of commercial facilities, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, sporting arenas, industrial and manufacturing plants, and more. Chillers are available in a variety of sizes and styles that are sure to meet the specific needs of your commercial facility.

Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units work with other HVAC equipment to condition and circulate large volumes of air throughout a facility using ductwork. Air handlers are installed as part of an overall commercial HVAC system that also incorporates a chiller or a condensing unit. These units typically uses a mixture of outside air and recirculated air from the building to filter, cool, and heat. The unit directly affect the building’s air quality by addressing such issues as temperature, humidity, ventilation, mold, and bacteria.

Air handlers can provide a variety of benefits, including fresh air intake, humidity control, heating, filtration, and energy recovery. The specialists at Mason & Barry will work with you to understand the needs of your facility, as well as local codes and requirements. We will then recommend a system to address your situation. Air handlers work to move air throughout the facility, improving indoor air quality and regulating temperature.

Air Handling Units range from 15 to 1,400 tons of cooling capacity, and can be integrated with other types of HVAC equipment.

An installed Daikin air handling unit

An installed Daikin air handler for a large retail location.

The installed system components for a ventilation system

Proper ventilation is essential in often-crowded educational settings.

Education Institutions

Whether it’s a school for young children, teens, or adults, educational facilities face challenges in providing a clean, healthy environment for students and staff. Air quality concerns are essential for these facilities, while maintaining affordable energy costs. The experts at Mason & Barry work with a variety of education facilities to provide superior indoor environmental quality by ensuring the proper amount of clean and conditioned ventilation airflow is delivered to each classroom.

GEOTHERMAL entering water temperature range is standard on all SmartSource DOAS units for superior energy efficiency.

VAV WITH BUILDING PRESSURE CONTROL helps maintain positive building pressure as science classroom lab hoods are turned on and off.

FILTRATION options promote high indoor air quality with filtration efficiencies ranging from MERV 8 to MERV 13.

LOW SOUND is designed into SmartSource DOAS and compressor sound blankets are available for further sound reduction.

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