While traditional heating and cooling systems partially recirculate indoor air, dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) utilize 100 percent outside air, improving indoor air quality and ventilation. These dedicated outdoor air systems condition the outdoor air before it is circulated, increasing energy efficiency and comfort.

Not sure a DOAS system is right for your facility? The experts at Mason & Barry will work with you to determine the best solution that fits your requirements and your budget. We represent a varsity of industry leading suppliers to ensure we have the solution that is best suited for you.

Staff work with a control system interface

Integrating the DOAS with a control system provides maximum energy efficiency.

Integration with Other Equipment

Mason & Barry recommends DOAS systems that will fully integrate with other HVAC equipment and controls. Together, these pieces of equipment deliver the best performance from your systems with substantial energy savings.

Not sure what equipment will enhance your operations best? Mason & Barry can help. We can work with your facility to determine the current status of your systems and recommend updates and integrations.

Office Buildings

In a shared environment in office buildings, good air quality and ventilation can increase employee health and satisfaction, and reduce energy costs. Let the experts at Mason & Barry help you maximize building efficiency by decoupling the ventilation load from the space cooling and heating loads and employing smart ventilation air control strategies. Some solutions could include:

VAV WITH DUCT STATIC CONTROL allows for independent demand control ventilation of multiple zones.

DISCHARGE AIR RESET based on outdoor air or space temperature allows the DOAS unit to help offset elevated space loads.

ENERGY RECOVERY through a separate ERV can be applied in series with the SmartSource DOAS unit.

BACNET MS/TP communication is standard on all SmartSource DOAS units to allow connection to a building automation system (BAS).

A conference room

Individual offices and shared spaces provide challenges in regulating air quality and comfort levels.

An empty school hallway with lockers on both sides

Proper ventilation is essential in often crowded educational settings.

Education Institutions

Whether it’s a school for young children, teens, or adults, educational facilities face challenges in providing a clean, healthy environment for students and staff. Air quality concerns are essential for these facilities, while maintaining affordable energy costs. The experts at Mason & Barry work with a variety of education facilities to provide superior indoor environmental quality by ensuring the proper amount of clean and conditioned ventilation airflow is delivered to each classroom.

GEOTHERMAL entering water temperature range is standard on all SmartSource DOAS units for superior energy efficiency.

VAV WITH BUILDING PRESSURE CONTROL helps maintain positive building pressure as science classroom lab hoods are turned on and off.

FILTRATION options promote high indoor air quality with filtration efficiencies ranging from MERV 8 to MERV 13.

LOW SOUND is designed into SmartSource DOAS and compressor sound blankets are available for further sound reduction.

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Mason & Barry partners with industry leaders to provide you with the most reliable, effective HVAC equipment possible.

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