Properly controlling the environment for your data center is essential to the reliability of your system. Overheating and humidity are just two of the issues that can cause severe damage to servers, routers and other computer equipment. Mason & Barry works with your IT staff to customize a solution to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently, creating savings on energy costs and avoiding costly downtime.

Supporting Cutting Edge Technology

Today’s business environment changes quickly, with digital and cloud based solutions at the forefront making networking equipment one of the most essential business infrastructures for your operation.

You need innovative IT and data center solutions that keep your network and other equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Mason & Barry can work with you and your IT staff to deliver a solution that manages electrical, heating and cooling, security and other needs in a cost-effective, sustainable way.

An employee swiping a key card at a wall sensor.
A staff member works at computer interface for an integrated system

New and Existing Infrastructure Facilities

While many data center solutions are implemented for new data centers or other technology infrastructure, Mason & Barry can work with you to retrofit a solution for your existing facility. We work with:

  • Corporate Data Centers
  • Server Rooms
  • Network Closets
  • Data Centers

System Integration for Technology-Based Facilities

Our Data Center/Technology Solutions can integrate a variety of hardware systems to increase efficiency and sustainability and keep your equipment protected and running smoothly. Our specialists will work with you to determine the facilities’ specific requirements and design a custom system. We can address issues and monitors for a variety of factors, including:

  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Humidity
  • Static electricity monitoring
  • Fire monitoring and suppression
  • Security and access control
A diagram showing a well integrated building management system

Our Partners

Mason & Barry partners with industry leaders to provide you with the most reliable, effective HVAC equipment possible.

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