In many commercial situations, housing the outdoor HVAC units on rooftops is practical. Mason & Barry represents the leading manufacturers of rooftop units, giving us the resources to customize a solution to meet your needs in the space available.

Rooftop systems are designed to operate year round without losing efficiency even during extreme weather. Rooftop systems provide a flexible solution for up to eight-story buildings and can be fully integrated with most equipment, including VRV and building automation systems. These cost effective solutions provide a low return on investment, often as low as 2-3 years.

Rooftop systems are often the best choice for schools, retail shops/malls, multi-level office buildings and more.

Customizable Heating Packages

Packaged Rooftop Systems can be outfitted with many different of heating options including natural gas, electric, hot-water heat to effectively handle most any heating demands from morning warm-up to full heat.

Heat Pump Heating

Systems can be outfitted with evaporator coil, compressors, and refrigerant circuit deigned for heat pump operation.

Electric Heat

Rooftop units often come with factory installed and tested ETL approved electric heat. These systems often feature fully integrated heating control, multi-state flexibility and single-point power connection to reduce installation costs.

Gas Furnace

Depending on design requirements, gas furnace heating modules can provide the perfect solution. These systems provide two stages, as well as a tubular design with in-shot gas burner manifold. A variety of optional features are available to further customize your installation.

Hot Water Coils

Hot water coil systems are available in low- and high-output options and are fully tested for safety and efficiency.

A rooftop unit installed by Mason & Barry in Sissonville, WV

A rooftop system installed in Sissonville, WV.

A helicopter with a large piece of equipment being installed on a roof

Installation of rooftop units is often fast and efficient.

Efficiency and Energy Savings

From design to installation to operations, rooftop systems can provide the energy efficiency and sustainability you are looking for. A well-designed rooftop system provides cost savings and a comfortable environment year round, often in a relatively small rooftop space.

Our Partners

Mason & Barry partners with industry leaders to provide you with the most reliable, effective HVAC equipment possible.

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